Tres Hombres album cover

ZZ Top, Tres Hombres

London, 1973, blues

B, 1966: I always looked at these guys as a bit of a gimmick, probably because of MTV over cooking a sexy soufle of “Sharp Dressed Man” with Robert Palmer and Madonna videos. But this is a good record. “La Grange” is honestly a lot of fun.

C, 2002: Great album. Classic. Can’t go wrong with “Jesus Just left Chicago”. Not too much to say besides if you haven’t listened to it yet, give it a listen. It’s good.

H, 1951: If sophistication of any kind is the disease, then I guess this album must be the cure. Believe me, I like the blues, and I like lots of music from Texas, and I like John Lee Hooker, and this stuff is listenable, but I just don’t understand how it can be rated the top anything of all time. I’ll willingly admit that this album distills Texas bar band blues-rock to its bare essentials and perfects those, but then I’m still not sure what you’ve got.

Published 05 Sep 2019