The World Is A Ghetto album cover

War, The World Is A Ghetto

United Artists, 1972, funk, latin

B, 1966: What a great album. The tendency is to want to call this a funk record, but I am not sure it is. A bit of funk, a bit of blues, a bit of rock in a laid-back groove that meanders around with great musicianship, well before beats were digitized and samples were a handy download. A few unexpected gems that cross genre such as “City, Country, City” – a song that is maybe best described as ‘American’ as it mixes all those with an ‘almost country’ guitar lick tossed in too. But hard not to pick out the track “Freight Train Jam” since it is like a 2-for-1 with a dash of “The Cisco Kid” tossed in.

C, 2002: It’s not bad and there are some cool songs but definitely some long jams that aren’t needed. Top few are “the world is a ghetto” and “beetles in the bog”.

H, 1951: A classic album. Things I like about it: great cover artwork; the sound and feel of the bass; all of the inspired percussion; the group vocals; the overall, persistent funk; a couple of well-deserved hits that age well.

Published 15 Dec 2019

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