Vampire Weekend album cover

Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend

XL, 2009, afro-pop, indie rock

B, 1966: Unfortunately “A-Punk” plays in my car automatically way too often due to an old catalog loaded on the hard-drive. It sounds like a bad ring-tone, and typically I scramble to switch to KEXP, NPR, or Spotify as soon as I can. These guys should have been a one-hit wonder, but they persisted. It is not awful music, it just has nothing really to say anymore. It was fresh for a moment, and that must have been when the editors were refreshing this Top 500. At the time it seemed noble that they were democratizing world music for the college crowd, but… MAKE IT STOP! Certainly tempted to pick “A-Punk” because I want to torture you with it too, but going with “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”, which is the only song that to me really holds up.

C, 2002: Hahahaha (That’s my response to the others’ reflections since I’m behind them). It’s an okay record. Not great but has its moments. Maybe not top 500 worthy (their second album is better in my opinion). B has a point there with the one-hit wonder note. Sorry Vampire Weekend fans.

H, 1951: Preppy Afro-pop? World music made by some young white male newly-minted Columbia grads? Violas alternating with Afro-tinged electric guitar runs? A song titled “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”? Oh, why the hell not.

Published 20 Jan 2020