The Stone Roses album cover

The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses

Silvertone, 1989, rock

B, 1966: Have always loved this record. Dynamic, big guitars put on rails of bass and drums. Awesome stuff, and you can hear just how influential this record was still today. So many great songs, but “Fools Gold” is just so good.

C, 2002: First time ever hearing of this band but the album is super cool. I’d definitely listen again. Not a huge fan of bye bye bad man but the album as a whole is great. Definitely glad I came across this one.

H, 1951: A phrase comes to mind that I’m likely to use a lot during this exercise: “surprisingly listenable.” Which means that I’d never heard it before, listened to it once for this effort, understood its appeal, but found no good reason to ever hear it again.

Published 01 Sep 2019

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