Synchronicity album cover

The Police, Synchronicity

A&M, 1983, rock

B, 1966: I was a big Police fan back in the early Eighties, but right around the time this album came out I grew disinterested. I went to this show when they came to Seattle and played the old Coliseum. It was packed with teenage girls and it was clear that Sting and the guys saw a different path than their dark, new wave alt pop I had fallen in love with. Maybe I was just turned off by a ‘mainstream’ Police, which would have been totally in character for me at the time as I gravitated toward Japan, Bauhaus, Gang Of Four, and Black Flag. Listening to this now I don’t think I was wrong. Some decent songs spattered throughout this record, but to me it is overall quite forgettable. Best track: “Murder By Numbers”, clearly the best song on the album.

C, 2002: Was expecting a better album but some good songs on here. A lot of weird ones though. Favorite song is “Synchronicity 2” as well as the other synchronicity.

H, 1951: There are reasons why this album shows up on this list, but they aren’t good ones. Sure, it was a big seller, and it’s got more than its fair share of hits, but you have to wade through a lot of dross before you get to the good stuff — all of which you’ve probably already heard a million times. “Mother” is comically bad, in a Frank Zappa-ish sort of way. Not sure how an album like this belongs on a “Best” list.

Published 15 Dec 2019