Life After Death album cover

The Notorious B.I.G., Life After Death

Bad Boy, 1997, rap

B, 1966: Really enjoyed this record. I now I had heard the The Notorious B.I.G. before, but never a whole album. Great record, and I think this is my favorite rap album on this list thus far. Creative production, nice pacing, and full of stories. Lot’s of great songs here, but favorite track: “I Got A Story To Tell”.

C, 2002: Love Biggie. Great record and cool concept album as well. Favorite is of course “Goin back to Cali”.

H, 1951: A sprawling double album, featuring many collaborators, with Biggie rapping about sex, drugs, competition, money and death. Tremendous variety in terms of the rhythms, vocal styles, musical backing, and lyrical approaches. Full of amazing stories, each one with detailed flourishes that make the characters and scenes come alive. On Apple Music, every track deservedly marked with an ‘E’ for explicit. (I mention this partly because I first started listening to a version marked “Amended” and it took me a few tracks before I realized that this meant that half of the lyrics had been redacted from the recordings; I apologize, Biggie: it was bad enough that you were rubbed out before this album was released, you shouldn’t have to have your vocals posthumously rubbed out as well.)

Published 19 Sep 2019

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