The Drifters - Golden Hits album cover

The Drifters, The Drifters - Golden Hits

Atlantic, 1968, soul

B, 1966: A fun record, and some legendary tracks, but maybe a bit lacking as a whole. Feels like something a producer slammed together to drive sales in the late 60’s when the music scene was clearly moving on from the sound of the The Drifters. Favorite track: “Under The Boardwalk”, an American classic first recorded by The Drifters.

C, 2002: Yes! I was excited when I saw this one. Finally some music I really dig. Great record. Great songs. “Save the last dance for me” wins best song.

H, 1951: Sort of a mixed bag. There seem to be a million different compilations of hits from The Drifters and, of course, they’re all a bit different. The particular one picked by Rolling Stone is now only available as an import, and isn’t available for streaming on Apple Music. But others that are close in terms of song selection are available. However the identification of “The Drifters” as an artist is a bit misleading in any case, because the composition of the group working under that moniker changed so much over the years, and the songs were written by so many different composers. Some of the songs on here are stone classics – things like “Up On the Roof,” “On Broadway” and “Under the Boardwalk” – but others are pretty forgettable. So while I respect the group and its legacy, it’s hard to produce a full-throated endorsement of a particular compilation as being a classic album.

Published 16 Nov 2019

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