Suicide album cover

Suicide, Suicide

Red Star, 1977, punk

B, 1966: Had never heard Suicide before this, and if I did not know when this album came out I would not have been surpirsed to hear they were a new artist out of New York, L.A., or even better some small aimless town in Middle America. Maybe listening to the remaster has something to do with that. Can see this could have influenced a lot of artists. Really enjoyed it, some good songs, and perhaps no surprise, some very dark ones too. Track “Ghost Rider”. Seriously, listen to this and tell me it does not sound like it could have been written last week. “Rocket USA” is also very good.

C, 2002: Didn’t know them before but it’s a cool album. I think it needs a drum beat but I’m a drummer so I’ll always advocate for more drums when there aren’t any! Cool mood for an album as well. First three tracks on the record are my favorites.

H, 1951: This album almost seems like a response to #445, Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle released just one year earlier. This edgy, hypnotic synth-punk album includes the terrifying tale of “Frankie Teardrop” who, contrary to Miller's injunction, simply sinks like a stone. Certainly very original and influential and worth a listen, even if none of these tunes end up on your regular playlist.

Published 15 Dec 2019

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