Fly Like an Eagle album cover

Steve Miller Band, Fly Like an Eagle

Capitol, 1976, rock

B, 1966: Another of those artists and albums I am guilty of over-looking as I was in such a different place when they were at their height and I attached a certain stereotype to them. But this is a solid album, full of good tracks, that is definitely of a time – as in the late ‘70’s. Track pick: “Rock’n Me”. First because I secretly always loved it, and second because it includes a shout out to Tacoma!

C, 2002: Awesome album. Love them all to be honest. My LEAST favorite song is “Fly like an eagle” ironically. But top 3 are “Wild mountain honey” “rock'n me” and “dance, dance, dance”.

H, 1951: It was this album, Steve Miller’s ninth, that provided the firm foundation to the long and productive performing career that followed. I saw him in concert just this summer, for perhaps the fourth time in forty-five years, and he’s still performing about half of the tracks that appeared on this album, many of which were hits for him when the album was first released. It’s not a deep or complex or challenging collection, but there’s a reason why this music has proven so durable: it’s honest and sincere, it’s warm and egalitarian and a bit utopian, it’s relaxed but still rhythmic, and every track was clearly made by a master craftsman at the top of his form. There’s not really a bad cut on here, and the album is definitely worth listening to from front to back as one cohesive whole.

Published 15 Dec 2019