Guitar Town album cover

Steve Earle, Guitar Town

MCA, 1986, country

B, 1966: Fun country record from a good songwriter. But no way this is better than #483. Favorite track on this one: “Guitar Town”. Some good lines in there.

C, 2002: Solid country record with some cool songs. Kinda funny how the albums are so different in style from one another. You really have to take a minute between albums to like digest and prepare for a totally different vibe. Anywho, great album. Not life changing but definitely cool.

H, 1951: Nothing fancy here, but eminently listenable, with solid vocals and instrumentation. Each song is a little gem, sounding like something you’ve heard before, but with some original twist that makes you realize you’re actually listening to an individual singing honestly about his own experiences, and not some contrived piece of artifice from a country hit factory. Echoes of Buddy Holly and Bruce Springsteen in some of the songs. Some of my favorite lines: “I admit I fall in love a lot / But I nearly always give it my best shot / I know you must think I’m the reckless kind / But I want a lady with a fearless heart just like mine.”

Published 15 Sep 2019