Californication album cover

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication

Warner Bros., 1999, funk, rock

B, 1966: Never a big Peppers fan. This is a solid record, just not my thing. Song pick: Savior.

C, 2002: Honestly not the biggest Chili Peppers fan but they’re not horrible. Nonetheless, I respect them as a group and know many people love this band. My pick for best song on the album is the chill “Porcelain”.

H, 1951: Certainly one of this band's best efforts. Fifteen songs and almost an hour of music. Quiet ballads interspersed with the funk workouts that the group is better known for. Solid vocals and guitar and bass on every track, and a variety of themes touched on by the lyrics. The title track and “Savior” are probably my favorite cuts.

Published 19 Apr 2020

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