Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album cover

Raekwon, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Loud, 1995, rap

B, 1966: Another artist I really did not know before this project. The production and vibe of this record became repetitious to me, with overused the movie and TV audio clips and similar enough raps that it became a bit tedious to listen to the whole album at once. I liked “Rainy Dayz” best with the addition of a vocalist and a bit more interesting arrangement.

C, 2002: not gonna lie, I wasn’t in the mood when this album was next after just hearing Hip hop so I couldn’t get too into this one. It’s hard to follow D’angelo no matter what album it is. B’s second sentence about the overuse of recorded conversations and similar songs was how I felt about it too.

H, 1951: Hypnotic, mesmerizing, epic, cinematic, verbally astonishing and beautiful. A single listen certainly can't do it justice. “Rainy Dayz” is probably one of the most accessible entry points, and can stand alone as a beautiful, hypnotic track. But the album is certainly an amazing, integrated whole.

Published 15 Sep 2019

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