Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea album cover

PJ Harvey, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea

Island, 2000, alternative, rock

B, 1966: A very well put together album that likely deserves to be higher on this list. Strong, and powerful. Feminine and political. Romantic and rockin’. An interesting balance she achieved with this record. Track pick: Really tough choice, as I love “This Mess We’re In”, a spare, beautiful duet with Thom Yorke. But I am going with “You Said Something”, more indicative of the album as a whole.

C, 2002: I really like this album. It rocks and the drummer has some really good parts (particularly on “The whores Hustle [...]” and “Kamikaze”). A lot of good songs on here and fun time signatures as well. “Kamikaze” and “You Said Something” are my picks (“This Is Love” rocks the hardest though).

H, 1951: A mesmerizing collection of tracks. Songs of real depth and character. Powerful but not overwhelming instrumentation. Words and vocals are front and center, thankfully. Lyrics are penetrating, rather than being random and catchy. Vocals are consistently revealing without being melodramatic or flashy. This album was a well-deserved winner of the Mercury Prize for best UK album of the year. A cohesive, seductive work attempting to reconcile very personal feelings of love and lust with an outward awareness of danger and injustice. Certainly merits repeated listening.

Published 20 Jan 2020

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