Vitalogy album cover

Pearl Jam, Vitalogy

Epic, 1994, grunge

B, 1966: For petty reasons I will not get into, I just resisted getting into this band when they hit it big even though I was in Seattle and knew a few of the guys. But no denying the talent, and they have grown on me over the years. Overall this is a great rock record, in my mind best listened to with a can of Rain-doggy in one hand and a can of lighter fluid in the other. A few good choices, but “Better Man” stands out.

C, 2002: To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this band and never got into this band mainly because of preconceived knowledge of them thru the lens of my mom who is not a fan. However, I actually enjoyed this album. I would listen again… didn’t absolutely floor me or anything but I definitely enjoyed it and didn’t have any problems with it.

H, 1951: This is like a message in a bottle from a band trapped in rock purgatory, with the taste of success already sour in their mouth, unsure whether they even believe in heaven or hell, not sure how much longer they can stand the place they’re in, but too stubborn to give up, so they made more music expressing their thoughts, their feelings, no matter how unlovely. Yes. Here are a few of my favorite lines: “Who made up the myth / That we were born to be covered in bliss? / Who set the standard / born to be rich? / Such fine examples / skinny little bitch / Model, role model, roll some models in blood / Get some flesh to stick, so they look like us / I shit and I stink, I’m real, join the club.” If Henry Miller had formed a rock band in the nineties, it might sound exactly like this. “Immortality” is certainly an essential track.

Published 15 Sep 2019