All the Young Dudes album cover

Mott the Hoople, All the Young Dudes

Columbia, 1972, glam

B, 1966: Really enjoyed this one. You can hear Bowie’s production for sure. Easy pick here is “All The Young Dudes”, but I am going with “Ready for Love / After Lights”. I have no way of knowing, but I can imagine lots of 70’s bands picking up cues from that track.

C, 2002: Loved this record! 100% You can hear Bowie’s production on this one. I read that they were about to break up but then Bowie offered to produce this record so they said ‘why not do one more’. Man, I think more than just the group themselves are glad they did. I’ve been trying to avoid saying the obvious best song per album but you just can’t go wrong with “All the young dudes.” their version of “sweet Jane” is interesting too because it’s more upbeat and kind of a “happy take” on the song. Great album… will listen to it again.

H, 1951: Hey, if you’ve got a glam rock check box you need to hit, then this works, but I found it a bit tedious, and didn’t think it had aged all that well. “All The Young Dudes,” written by the other Bowie (David, that is) and given to the band as a gift, is the obvious standout track, and I didn’t find anything else on the album that came close to challenging it. But even this rousing anthem seems mostly of interest as an artifact of its (not all that interesting) time. Feeling a need to cleanse my palate with a little Velvet Underground after listening to this one.

Published 15 Sep 2019

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