Oracular Spectacular album cover

MGMT, Oracular Spectacular

Columbia, 2008, rock

B, 1966: Loved this record. Some songs on here that I heard before and liked and never knew were MGMT. I suspect when this came out it really sounded fresh, but it still holds up. “Electric Feel” is a great song, but many to pick from here.

C, 2002: Always have loved it and still do. Record still holds and still to me seems like something there’s not too much of. That could be totally wrong but this is an album that of that type of stuff I love. “The Youth” is great as is “Kids” and “Time To Pretend”. But can’t go wrong with any of them.

H, 1951: Good album. Solid songs. A bit overproduced for my tastes, but still a great variety of interesting sounds. Interesting lyrics often sung with tongues firmly in cheeks. “Time to Pretend” is probably my favorite.

Published 05 Sep 2019