Back in the USA album cover

MC5, Back in the USA

Atlantic, 1970, rock

B, 1966: A great, fun party or road trip album. Easy to imagine the Stooges partying with and being inspired by these guys in Detroit. I imagine this band was a little less produced and polished in person. Must have been a blast. Track pick “Back In The USA”. It may not be an original, but I love how these guys went after this Check Berry song.

C, 2002: Easy album I love it. Fun and energetic. Favorite song was “teenage lust”.

H, 1951: Sort of a proto-punk album from the Motor City Five, going back to basics, including bookending covers of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” and Chuck Berry’s “Back to the USA.” Energetic and listenable, and of some historic significance. Produced by famed Rolling Stone critic Jon Landau, who went on to discover the future of Rock’n Roll in Bruce Springsteen a few years later (perhaps after he grew bored out of his mind listening to the MC5).

Published 15 Dec 2019

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