Here, My Dear album cover

Marvin Gaye, Here, My Dear

Motown, 1978, soul

B, 1966: Like a good make-out session, enjoyable but runs together in one long lovin’ haze. Favorite track: “Time to Get It Together”

C, 2002: I haven’t even listened yet but I know it’s gonna be good. Update: I’ve heard this album before. Oops. Still great tho. Can’t go wrong w/ Marvin Gaye. Favorite one on here is “falling in love again”

H, 1951: This is a double album made by Marvin Gaye as a sort of parting message to the woman who had just served him with divorce papers, with a settlement stipulating that she would receive part of the proceeds from his next work. The album is an exceedingly personal inquiry into the highs and lows of their relationship, the reasons for its failure, and the implications of its termination. Much of the music is beautiful, and it's a remarkable achievement, but it's not something to be listened to lightly. The album was neither a critical nor a commercial success when first released, but subsequent cultural developments made listeners and critics more appreciative of the raw, unvarnished honesty Gaye offered up in this album. My favorite track – probably because it’s the most playful – is “A Funky Space Reincarnation.”

Published 16 Nov 2019

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