Próxima Estación: Esperanza album cover

Manu Chao, Próxima Estación: Esperanza

Virgin, 2001, alternative, latin

B, 1966: Another artist I had never been exposed to before this project, so even if it is eighteen years old, this album was new to me. I enjoyed it, though I am not sure if it really is a Top 500 album. I will say it is a record to listen to while getting things done (like cleaning the house). “Me Gustas Tu” is a good song.

C, 2002: man I loved this record! Had never heard of manu chao and the first song I was like oh this is reggae but as it gets going his sound gets quickly defined. Loved it! Would listen again. All songs have a similar vibe but it’s a unique one nonetheless.

H, 1951: A really fun album. You can call it alternative Latin, I guess. Lyrics are sung in multiple languages. Overall it’s a pretty gentle, grooving, multicultural sound. Lots of neat horns in the background. Definitely unique, but also very accessible. Recommended listening. Hard to pick a favorite track, because the whole album seems to be one flowing whole.

Published 19 Sep 2019