New Day Rising album cover

Hüsker Dü, New Day Rising

SST, 1985, punk

B, 1966: Punk meets American Music Club? You can definitely hear early Nirvana and the influence on grunge in here, and thus the influence they had on rock overall. Track pick: “Perfect Example” since it seem to indicate more of what would follow than the rest of the album to me.

C, 2002: I hear early nirvana here and honestly that's all I could hear… the audio quality of this record is bad. Kinda ruined it for me and I was using a quality speaker… no top song for me but I didn’t hate the album. But this and Kiss back to back is a lot in your face unless you’re into that sorta thing.

H, 1951: I liked this: energetic, straight-ahead drums, guitar, bass and vocals, nothing longer than four minutes; nice punk sound and attitude, without straining to permanently shred anyone’s eardrums or go over the top to offend anyone. A nice variety of compact songs, each of which succeeds on its own terms. “Books About UFOs” is actually bouncy and cheerful. Here’s my favorite couplet from the album: “There's more to life than being right and wrong / There's something in between called getting along.” “How To Skin A Cat” is pleasantly reminiscent of Frank Zappa.

Published 05 Sep 2019

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