Live Through This album cover

Hole, Live Through This

DGC, 1994, grunge

B, 1966: Another album I approached with significant bias, having – likely unfairly – put Courtney Love and all her drama and her husband’s death in a tidy little bucket of 1990’s grungy, gruby, faux fin de siècle. I remember seeing a very sloppy, clearly drugged up, Love take the stage with her band at the Offramp in Seattle with her equally addled husband holding their baby just offstage. Not a good look. But this is a good record. A set of songs that challenge in well constructed poppy, grunge songs. Overall enjoyed it, and see Love and her band in a different light. Best track: “Doll Parts”

C, 2002: This record was actually cool. Definitely in your face but the melodies were actually good. I might give this one another listen at some point.

H, 1951: Excellent collection, a classic of the ‘90’s, unforgettable album cover, raw emotions expressed in naked lyrics, examination of the sexual exploitation of women, but musicians unafraid to wrap all of this in music that actually wants to be heard. A dozen tracks of consistent quality. An essential album that has aged well.

Published 16 Nov 2019

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