Faith album cover

George Michael, Faith

Columbia, 1987, pop

B, 1966: An album I approached with trepidation, procrastinating my progression through the 500 as I stared at what I expected to be a pop trifle of the late 80’s. And my trepidation may have been warranted, as this record is indeed a trifle, but one of the alternate British english meaning: a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream. Though like that desert, the first few bites are devilishly good, and then it tapers off into something you feel you have to finish. Song: It has to be “Faith”.

C, 2002: I mean… I can’t listen to this record and take it 100% seriously only because I’ve heard Faith like a 1000 times. Still a good record, and George Michael is doing his thing. It’s a classic album and it was definitely a trip to listen to the whole record.

H, 1951: A pop masterpiece. Great musical sophistication and variety. Michael’s vocals are the centerpiece, but they’re the center of a large and well-crafted edifice. Mostly about bearded, black-leathered man-child tortured by love in various predictable ways, but “Hand to Mouth” is worth a listen for its display of a (token?) social conscience.

Published 19 Sep 2019