Entertainment album cover

Gang of Four, Entertainment

Warner Bros., 1979, post-punk

B, 1966: Man did I get excited to see this one come up. It is hard to find on the streaming services and I had to piece it together from various playlists and still missed a few tracks. Had this one in the vinyl collection years ago, time to get a new (used) copy. Gang of Four was one of the first bands I heard that really had an impact on me. Political post-punk awesomeness. I remember a phenomenal show if theirs I saw at Skootchies in Seattle, where they blew the roller skates out of the closets. (It literally was a rolling rink when it wasn’t a new wave all-ages nightclub. Likely lots of memories (both good and bad) at Skootchies for anyone my age who lived in the Seattle area at the time. So many great tracks here, but I am going with “At Home He Is a Tourist”.

C, 2002: This is a cool record. Took a while to find it but I’m glad I did. Has some cool songs on it for sure. Had never heard of this band but this album has intrigued me to check out some other stuff. “5.45” is my favorite on the record probably.

H, 1951: The music and lyrics of this album are designed to make listeners question everything they've been taught or assumed about our modern lives, starting with our ideas about what pop music should sound like, and proceeding on to deal with relationships, economics and what often passes for culture. Very British. Brilliant and essential. Also, unsurprisingly (given the album's opposition to taking anything for granted), not available on streaming services. But available for purchase as a CD.

Published 15 Sep 2019

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