Touch album cover

Eurythmics, Touch

RCA, 1984, pop

B, 1966: I was not a huge fan of Annie Lennox and Eurythmics back in the day, but I know they are super talented. So I listened to this with extra intention. But in the end, came away feeling the same way. Well executed record, and a definite sound, but not one I can love. Most interesting song to me is actually the one after “Here Comes the Rain Again”, I think “Regrets” is better even if it was not the hit.

C, 2002: I’m not a big 80s fan but this album was pretty decent. Didn’t hate it. I listened to it while writing an essay so I already wasn’t even keen on it. May give it a second chance down the line but nothing jumped at me.

H, 1951: Annie Lennox’s silky, sensual vocals combined with Dave Stewart’s bouncy, cool, instrumentation… it’s like salt and pepper, sweet and sour, syrup and pancakes… well, you get the idea. Close to irresistible listening, even if there’s not necessarily a lot of original thematic substance here. But there’s not a clinker on the album (so long as you don’t stray into the “bonus” tracks on the “Deluxe” Edition).

Published 05 Sep 2019