Strictly Business album cover

EPMD, Strictly Business

Priority, 1988, rap

B, 1966: Fun, but in the end a whole album seems repetitive, even as you can hear how this influenced a lot of artists to come. I imagine a lot of people who heard this album did not even realize how many samples were used, yet felt it was somehow easy to tap to and sing the chorus behind the rap since they had heard those riffs and beats before. Favorite track “You Gots To Chill”, which also sums up the whole slow-rap vibe and approach of this record.

C, 2002: Cool hip hop album. Cool grooves and it’s a fun record to listen to. Different than most of the other rap records on the list so far. The Steve Martin one is my favorite.

H, 1951: I found it all to be a bit monotonous. Couldn't really get into it. I can appreciate that it has some appeal within the rap/hip-hop universe, but that wasn't really enough for me.

Published 16 Nov 2019

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