Heaven Up Here album cover

Echo and the Bunnymen, Heaven Up Here

Sire, 1981, post-punk

B, 1966: A great record, though this is curiously an album that has none of their breakthrough, post punk, new wave hits. To my ear this record is where the Bunnymen were trying to center on their sound and mise en scène, bouncing between Joy Division, Bauhaus, Llyod Cole, and the Cure. You can hear them honing their groove, but I don’t think they found it yet on this record. Highlight here is “A Promise”.

C, 2002: It’s pretty cool… not necessarily my forte but again I can see why people like it and I respect the music. “A Promise” is my favorite off the album.

H, 1951: I liked this. Sweeping, vulnerable vocals, ringing guitars, driving bass and drums, interesting sounds. I could wish for the lyrics to be a little more interesting, and a little less emotionally and attitudinally monochromatic, but hey, it’s post punk. I guess we take what we can get.

Published 05 Oct 2019