Supremes Anthology album cover

Diana Ross and The Supremes, Supremes Anthology

Motown, 1973, soul

B, 1966: A tour of hits that played as an AM radio backdrop to my childhood. In my memory, Ross was one of the few black women regularly on TV back in the 70’s, and she handled it with class and grace. I can imagine that was not always easy. But this is a packaged ‘greatest hits’ with a lot of not so great songs mixed in with the classics we all know too well. Track pick, “Reflections”. A song with more substance than most here.

C, 2002: I’m tired of these compilation albums man. Tired of em. Obviously great music but I wanna hear an actual album not some combination of stuff. We know how great this group was. Let’s hear an individual album and hear them at one point in time!

H, 1951: The Supremes were Motown’s biggest hitmakers in the sixties, and it seemed like they had a new # 1 single every time you turned around. However they were never album artists, which means they need to be recognized on this list with a greatest hits album. However, they didn’t even have enough artistic freedom/integrity to produce a definitive compilation, so there are a number to choose from, no matter which source you go to. In fact, Motown produced a number of different compilations for them over the years, all titled “Anthology.” The one that appears on the RS500 list was issued in 1974 and it includes a lot of tracks that never attained hit status. I’m not sure why any of these deserve recognition on this list.

So, with that clarification, let me just comment on this as a generic Supremes greatest hits collection. Yes, their hits are all classics, and reflect a very distinctive style that could only have been produced by this studio, and these singers, and these songwriters, in this one particular slice of history. If you haven’t already heard all of this stuff, then you should listen to it. If you have heard it, then you may well have heard too much of it. But nonetheless you will no doubt hear it all again.


Published 20 Jan 2020