Hysteria album cover

Def Leppard, Hysteria

Mercury, 1987, pop metal

B, 1966: I imagine this is best listened after partying late in the night. Which may pretty much sum up their audiences’ weeknights. Big hair, big chords, big yawn. Track pick: “Don’t Shoot Shot Gun” which is so terrible it might just be good, like a really really funky, old stinky English blue cheese (which may describe these guys current state perfectly since they must be in their ‘70s by now).

C, 2002: Could’ve done without it but it’s fine. It’s a little much for me but I respect it. I know some people like it.

H, 1951: Probably the best “pop metal” album ever made? I know this band sold a lot of albums and a lot of concert tickets, and I guess this is their undisputed “classic”? So I can kind of see why it had to be on the list. God forbid that anyone be snobby about these things. Just please, don’t ever make me listen to it again.

My favorite bit? The quiet spaces between the tracks. Any of them.

Published 05 Oct 2019