A Rush of Blood to the Head album cover

Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head

Capitol, 2002, rock

B, 1966: I remember when this album came out. We had it on heavy rotation in the ol’ eddiebauer.com carpool with it’s fresh, catchy, bold alt-pop. It was smart enough, upbeat, and a good way to get the morning started as we rolled out across the 520 bridge staring into the sunrise. One could argue that Coldplay jumped a shark named Gweneth at some point, but this was a strong effort and in my mind and holds up to time. Favorite track: A hard choice, but I am going with “Daylight” because of the above.

C, 2002: Such a great album. Had never really listened to Coldplay before but I love this album. Will definitely listen to it again. Great and meaningful songs. Favorite song: “God Put a smile on my face.”

H, 1951: Sounds and feels a lot like pablum to me. It’s certainly listenable, but I’m not sure there’s a lot of nutrition here. I’m guessing this is sort of the opposite of #468, in that this had to be included based on sales figures. But I can’t see what makes it the best of anything in terms of lyrics, vocals, music or any combination thereof.

Published 05 Oct 2019