In Color album cover

Cheap Trick, In Color

Epic, 1977, rock

B, 1966: Not terrible but hard to say this is ‘great’. Frankly, hardly holds a candle to albums we have already listened to. I suspect this album ended up here out of the list contributors’ nostalgia for sloppy teenage summer house parties. Not surprising that the version of “I Want You To Want Me” on this album did not do well when it was released, it is like a muzak parody of itself played at a bad karaoke place. Maybe that explains how they got ‘big in Japan’ before they got big anywhere else. Track pick: “So Good To See You” only because I told myself I would pick one on every album.

C, 2002: Man what an album. I rocked out playing along to this for sure. The songs are really cool too. Although “I Want You To Want Me” doesn’t get the justice it does on the Live at Budakan album, “Downed” and “Southern Girls” do. Great record. Glad it’s on here

H, 1951: This is mostly pretty listenable (except for “I Want You to Want Me”, which is one of those hit songs that is so vacuous that it makes me want to stuff cotton in my ears whenever it starts) but there's not much here that rises to any kind of “best” status in my mind. If I had to pick one song to recommend, it would be “So Good To See You” which manages to be pleasantly reminiscent of both The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Published 15 Dec 2019

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