Tunnel of Love album cover

Bruce Springsteen, Tunnel of Love

Columbia, 1987, rock

B, 1966: A good and yet somehow unremarkable album. Well written songs, but somehow none really connected with me. Perhaps a bit formulaic, and nothing surprised. Best song: Walk Like A Man

C, 2002: It’s okay. I’m not a Bruce Springsteen guy so I didn’t love it but I see the appeal? Sorta. This is better than some of the other stuff I’ve heard of his. Pretty mellow album compared to my preconceived and previous Springsteen knowledge.

H, 1951: A moving and deeply felt meditation on the nature of love — its seemingly infinite promise, its terrifying fragility, and the razor-sharp line between the two. The music is a perfect fit for the theme — always taking the background to Springsteen’s intimate vocals, establishing mood, never propelling the singer, but always allowing him to move at his own pace, report his own truth, and determine his own fate. This is music made by and for adults willing to peer beyond the shallow temptations of love into its darkest abode: “Tunnel of Love” indeed.

Published 05 Oct 2019