The Rising album cover

Bruce Springsteen, The Rising

Columbia, 2002, rock

B, 1966: A solid album. Though I am not a Springsteen fan per say, his songwriting ability is clear on this record. Track pick, “Nothing Man”.

C, 2002: I’m not a Springsteen fan. His voice annoys me. An okay album. Has good moments from a band/songwriting standpoint at times. One of the weaker ones we’ve seen so far. “You’re Missing” is pretty good. Onwards!

H, 1951: Created in response to the destruction of the twin towers in NYC on 9/11, this album is a moving meditation on the various human dimensions of this unspeakable tragedy, giving imagined voice to those involved. Springsteen manages not just to make us feel the tragic losses sustained, but also the bonds of community that enabled those left behind to endure. In other words, Springsteen manages to document the web of human values that surround and ultimately survive an event like this. The entire album is an essential American document, but “Into The Fire,” “Nothing Man,” “Worlds Apart,” “Mary's Place,” “The Rising” and “My City of Ruins” are just indispensable.

Published 20 Jan 2020

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