Here Come The Warm Jets album cover

Brian Eno, Here Come The Warm Jets

Island, 1975, avant-garde, rock

B, 1966: This record holds up to the test of time with an intoxicated, entertaining blend of early Roxy Music, Bowie, and Rocky Horror Music Show. Certainly Eno intended this to influence and direct a sound, and I can imagine that’s just what it did. Stellar line-up he assembled to contribute, even if at times it is a bit indulgent. But then again, it is ART! Track pick: “Baby’s On Fire”, an insidious song that really holds up.

C, 2002: This record is cool. Had never listened to Brian Eno before but knew the name. Gives me some Bowie vibes. I’d listen again cause this seems like the type of album that you hear different things with each listen; the type that grows on you. Thoroughly enjoyed first listen.

H, 1951: Experimental yet accessible art rock. A boatload of silly nonsense. Brian Eno provided the playground and brought all his friends ’round to join in the fun. Certainly worth a listen. “Some of Them Are Old” is a representative track, with lyrics designed to confound any overall sense of meaning.

Published 20 Jan 2020

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