Another Green World album cover

Brian Eno, Another Green World

Island, 1975, avant-garde, rock

B, 1966: A great record. Almost ambient, but with a tension and energy that requires attention. Track pick: “Sky Saw”, as I can imagine Dalis Car took some inspiration from that song.

C, 2002: Wow… 2 Eno records within 4 spots on the list. Excited to get to this one deemed 3 places higher than the previous. Update: It’s pretty cool… I personally like the other one better but this is cool. Little more spacey but creates a cool mood. “Becalmed” is my favorite.

H, 1951: Highly regarded post-modern church music. Mostly slow, soothing instrumentals, with occasional singing. Certainly different, and certainly successful. A stepping stone that would take Eno from his earlier post-modern pop to his later full-on ambient albums. John Cale, Phil Collins and Robert Fripp are notable contributors.

Published 20 Jan 2020

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