Boz Scaggs album cover

Boz Scaggs, Boz Scaggs

Atlantic, 1969, americana

B, 1966: More like Bozzzzz Scaggzzzzzzz. Good for a nap. Not must to see here, move along. If I have to pick: “Loan Me A Dime”.

C, 2002: I love that it’s the muscle shoals rhythm section but just a little too much 6/8 for me. Always down for “I’m Easy” though.

H, 1951: I’ve owned this album ever since it was first released. It was recorded with the legendary backing musicians at Muscle Shoals, plus Duane Allman, guitarist with the Allman Brothers who also played with Derek and the Dominos on Layla. I like the way Scaggs draws on his musical roots here, blending them seamlessly with his own voice and compositions and musical sensibility. I enjoy listening to every song on this album, but the one real standout is “Loan Me a Dime.” It’s a slow burner that stretches to almost thirteen minutes. That length sounds self-indulgent, but the horns, piano, organ, vocals and guitar all work together perfectly and build relentlessly, creating and sustaining a haunting, haunted atmosphere. Duane Allman is in perfect command of his instrument and the material, never simply flaunting his prowess, but continually adding new brush strokes to the track as it unfolds. The fade-out at the end is perfect, leaving the listener with the impression that there’s no way out for the singer, that he’s still out there somewhere, looking for that dime, trying to connect with his old-time used-to-be.

Published 01 Sep 2019