Give It Up album cover

Bonnie Raitt, Give It Up

Warner Bros., 1972, rock

B, 1966: Was looking forward to this one, but it really left me wanting. Just sounded a bit flat and a bit like a rote blues record without depth. My pick: “You Told Me Baby”, but honestly nothing really stood out.

C, 2002: I enjoyed it! Good record and Bonnie sounds great on it. Good band and good vibes from it. A solid record… may not be a standout but definitely wasn’t a deal breaker.

H, 1951: A fantastic album. A wonderful supporting cast of musicians. A tasteful mix of blues, dixieland, and contemporary songcraft, including the classic “Under the Falling Sky” by Jackson Browne. Great guitar work by Bonnie and others. But Bonnie’s vocals are the highlight. She’s one of very few interpreters I know who can handle such a broad range of material and thoroughly own each song, not just using her voice to express the songwriter’s intentions, but instead using the compositions to express different facets of her own authentic self. Every track is worthwhile, and each has a unique feel. The album ends with what is, for my money, the definitive rendition of “Love Has No Pride.” I recently read a comment made by one author on another’s work, saying “You can’t write any better without showing off,” and this is a fitting tribute to Raitt on this transcendent cut: you really can’t sing any better than this without showing off.

Published 01 Sep 2019