Third/Sister Lovers album cover

Big Star, Third/Sister Lovers

PVC, 1978, rock

B, 1966: Listening to this record was a bit of a revelation for me. I did not realize that This Mortal Coil was covering Big Star with “Holocaust” and “Kanga Roo”. Two exceptionally beautiful songs. I can see why this record has ascended to cult status among songwriters, even if the album today seems a bit all over the place. Best track has to be “Kanga Roo”, a really amazing song. But also listen to the This Mortal Coil cover of it, which is transcendent.

C, 2002: it’s got great songs on it but clouded by some whacky stuff for me. Solid album overall. One of my favorites was “Thank you friends”.

H, 1951: Kind of a strange collection. The album was never made available when initially completed and then, when it was later released, different configurations appeared with different tracks, and tracks in different sequences. And to tell the truth it feels like a bit of an odds and sods collection rather than any sort of coherent work. Despite all of this, though, there’s some beautiful stuff here, and there’s a sort of consistently atmospheric haze to the whole enterprise that can draw you in if you give it a little time. Definitely worth a listen. There are some great covers here — “Femme Fatale” from the Velvet Underground, “Till the End of the Day” from the Kinks, and “Nature Boy,” first recorded by Nat King Cole — but also a whole bunch of interesting originals. “Thank You Friends” might be a good place to start if you want a sample.

Published 15 Dec 2019