Back to Black album cover

Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

Universal, 2007, soul

B, 1966: Phenomenal album. Both a throwback and contemporary. She was a singular talent, and it is such a shame she did not find the help and support to get through the challenges that led to her death. Should be higher on this list. Hard to pick a track among so many great songs, but I am going with “Rehab”. A personal, original, instant classic.

C, 2002: Classic album. Honestly surprised it wasn’t way higher on the list but I’ve also felt some haven’t been deserving of being on this list so I won’t complain about it. Great producing on the album and good musicians on it. Cool vibe. Favorite song on here is “love is a losing game”

H, 1951: This is a great album showcasing an amazing, incendiary talent. The overall sound hearkens back to classic girl group albums from the fifties and sixties, but still has a fresh feel, and the song’s lyrics are often explicit in a very modern fashion. Horns are used very tastefully to fill out the sound. Amy’s vocals are tremendously powerful. “Tears Dry On Their Own” is one of my favorite tracks. Looking back now, it’s easy to see the contrast between the pain and vulnerability expressed in the lyrics and the tremendous strength of the vocals. In this sense she reminds me of Janis Joplin, even though they were musically miles apart. Both presented musically as tremendously powerful individuals, even though they both succumbed to the very vulnerabilities they sang about so well.

Published 16 Nov 2019