Aquemini album cover

OutKast, Aquemini

LaFace, 1998, rap

B, 1966: Wow, what a fantastic album. I remember listening to Speakerboxxx/The Love Below when it first came out, but had never listened to Aquamini. So many great songs and I love the DJ-like intros. Still sounds creative and original. My pick: “Liberation”, but easily five or six great songs here.

C, 2002: This was a surprisingly good album. Being a drummer, I always look at beats and/or grooves and the beats made on this album are great and propel the album. I love this album and it was a great start to the 500. Will definitely get a second listen.

H, 1951: I guess the beauty of Rap – and, more broadly, of much of the music made by African Americans – is that is starts with the most basic language, and experiences – words and events most often viewed by white Euro-American culture as “common” – and then uses those as building blocks to create lasting artistic works of great beauty, sophistication and power. Robert Johnson, Duke Ellington, OutKast – there’s a single thread running through all of them. I love the overall sound of this album and its sprawling intensity, as well as its verbal sophistication. I think “Synthesizer” might be my favorite track.

Published 01 Sep 2019