Live in Cook County Jail album cover

B.B. King, Live in Cook County Jail

ABC, 1971, blues

B, 1966: Really wanted to love this one, but honestly I just could not get into it. Found it a bit tedious. My pick: “The Thrill is Gone”, but that’s about it.

C, 2002: Good album and good music. Favorite part is the introductions when they announce the officers in the prison and they’re booed by the prisoners. Solid, not necessarily mind blowing but some good moments.

H, 1951: Classic B. B. King, with great trademark vocals and guitar work. By this point in King’s career, black blues artists like King, Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf were starting to be known to rock audiences thanks to credit being given to them by bands like The Rolling Stones and Cream, and thanks to publications such as Rolling Stone. B.B. King was really the first musician who spoke to his audience through his guitar as much as through his vocals, and paved the way for everyone who followed.

Published 01 Sep 2019

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